The views represented here do not represent the views of Narconon of Georgia and are intended to encourage debate and discussion on the dangers of Prescription Drugs.
The whole point is that prescription drugs even when prescribed by a doctor can be abused, they are dangerous, and can lead to death.  The whole idea that everyone is so offended because there might be some possible evidence that Michael Jackson did have a problem with drugs, that there can be no discussion of the possibility that by publicizing the connection between his death and prescription drug abuse lives may be saved, represents the stigma associated with drug addiction and the difficulty many have with finding treatment. I have removed any statements that represent Michael Jackson as a drug addict.
This article was first published in January amid much discussion and debate over what caused Michael Jackson’s death.  In the wake of several celebrity deaths, it was assumed by many that “The King Of Pop” had succumbed to a disease which afflicts 22 million Americans.   I understand that Michael was loved the world over and I in no way meant to diminish his musical greatness.
I grew up listening to Michael Jackson’s music.  I have out of respect removed any negative description of Michael from this post.  It is very important to realize however that no one is above drug addiction.  In fact what we can all agree on is that without a doctor willing to prescribe drugs and a pharmaceutical industry more interested in profits that public health  – tragedies such as Michael Jackson’s death would not be happening.
I have in the interest of providing the viewpoints of many of his fans approved several comments that were received regarding the original post. I will not be approving any additional comments.

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  1. Peggy Baker says:

    Your statement above is very sincere and I thank you. It is a tragedy that anyone is lost to the abuse of prescription drugs.

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