Narconon and other groups need to keep the pressure on manufactures of odd products that can make our children high and are easily accessible. “Project Extra Mile” and two other groups in the state or Nebraska did just that and put their foot down when it came to Alcopops being available to their kids.

Alcopops (malt beverages flavored with distilled spirits) were being sold in convenient stores, where underage drinkers could easily get to them.  Now they can only be bought where hard liquors are sold and it won’t be so easy to get them.  Here is an article about the subject:

Tax ‘Alcopops’ as Liquor, Not Beer, Nebraska Judge Rules

“In a lawsuit brought by groups fighting underage drinking, a Nebraska judge has ruled that “alcopops” should be taxed like distilled spirits, not like beer, The Associated Press reported Feb. 17.

“Alcopops” are brewed malt beverages with distilled spirits added for flavor, such as Bacardi Breezers, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and Smirnoff Ice. Under the new ruling by Lancaster County District Judge John Coburn, taxes on the drinks would jump from 31 cents a gallon to $3.75 a gallon, and they could not be sold at beer-only retail outlets like mini-markets.

Coburn’s ruling was based on a state law that required that beverages with distilled spirits must be taxed as hard liquor. The state liquor control commission decided in 2008 to classify alcopops as beer, just as the federal government does.

In 2009, a mother and three state groups working to reduce underage drinking filed suit challenging the commission’s ruling. One of the groups, Project Extra Mile, said that classifying the drinks as beer made them more accessible to teens by making them available at more stores and at lower prices than if they were classified as hard alcohol.”

Narconon routinely educates the public about products that can get kids high and are easily obtained, sometimes legally.  K2 and bath salts are examples of products that crept in under the radar and created quite a bit of devastation before they were fully detected.  Thanks to public outcry products like this are getting harder to sneak to our kids.

Narconon drug rehab remains one of the best solutions for those who have already gotten addicted to products like these or any drugs.

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