Part Two

There are many Narconon long term rehabs located all over the world. Narconon is one of the most unique and successful programs available today. Narconon addresses all aspects of addiction, giving the recovering addict a freedom from drug addiction that they probably have been seeking since they realized that they had a problem with drugs. This is part two in a two part series fully describing the benefits of the Narconon Program.

The Narconon Detox Program Helps Alcoholics as Well

When a person is an alcoholic they often develop very serious vitamin deficiencies. The reason for this is because the person often consumes alcohol instead of eating a proper diet. Most types of alcohol serve to raise a person’s blood sugar levels, and by doing so acts as an appetite suppressant. When the person really wants to have a drink, they often desire the alcohol more than they desire food.

Another thing that alcohol does to the body is it burns B-1 in the system. Part of the euphoria that is felt from consuming alcohol is the burning of this vitamin. Because B-1 is a water soluble vitamin that the body does not make internally, it has to be replaced on a daily basis either through food or supplements. When the person’s body is craving these vitamins they sometimes mistake this for craving alcohol.

Research also links severe vitamin deficiencies with a more sever withdrawal from alcohol. For whatever reason, when a person is vitamin deficient, their body is more likely to have severe reactions to the cessation of alcohol. It is proven that if a person is given multi-vitamins and a lot of vitamin containing fresh fruits and vegetables their withdrawal from alcohol will be a lot easier and will be over a lot more quickly.

Alcoholics are Often Vitamin Deficient

One of the key components to the success of the Narconon detox program is getting rid of a persons vitamin deficiencies through taking vitamin and mineral supplements in abundance and in tailored doses for that particular person.

For an alcoholic this is very important for their physical state of well being. When the alcoholic is freed from their vitamin deficiencies they feel a lot better. This also helps their body begin to function on a normal basis without the use of alcohol. When a very serious alcoholic quits drinking, they usually feel very physically bad. They often will feel not quite right without their alcohol for many months, especially if their vitamin deficiencies are not addressed.

Because one most important factors of the Narconon detox program is giving the person the vitamins that they need, this speeds up the process of the recovering alcoholic’s ability to feel better. The Narconon detox program does not do only this, but if it did, it would probably still serve to remarkably improve the alcoholic’s health

Alcohol is Water Soluble but Still Contains Toxins

Although alcohol is water soluble and with a good liver is flushed out of the body usually within twenty four hours, there are still toxins in it that are stored in an alcoholic’s body. The alcohol contains other contaminants besides the alcohol that are toxic to the body. The metabolites from these other toxins serve to make the alcoholic feel very bad. When they are drunk, they are too intoxicated to be able to tell that they feel like crap; that is often why they get intoxicated in the first place. Even though the alcoholic doesn’t always have drug metabolites to flush out of their system, although sometimes they do, their Narconon detox often takes a considerable longer amount of time than recovering drug addicts. The thought on this is because they often are ingesting so many other toxins from the alcohol and also because they often have such severe vitamin deficiencies. The repair that the body needs to do on the liver and other vital organs from these deficiencies apparently can sometimes take longer in an alcoholic. Some alcoholics upon arriving at the Narconon program have questions about this because it would make sense that they would not need the detox as much as a drug addict, but the fact is that they do.

Narconon Addresses the Disability of Addiction

The founder of Narconon, William Benitez, based the Narconon program on the theory that addiction is a disability rather than a disease. He said that the reason that people use drugs and alcohol to excess and sometimes do not have the power to stop, is because they are suffering from the inability to handle life. He felt that if the person was given the tools or abilities that they needed to handle life, they would no longer need drugs or alcohol to cope. He said that often a drug addict or alcoholic would have so many problems in life that they would feel that they needed the drugs or the alcohol to numb their minds so they were not forced to confront the situations that needed to be confronted.

Phase two of the Narconon Program does just that. It helps the person regain the abilities that they need in order to confront life and the difficulties that come up in life. People who do not have addiction, usually are born with these skills, but the people who go toward addiction usually do not possess them. If they do, they are often not prevalent in the person as they are in others who do no suffer from these same issues.

There are eight different courses that make up the Narconon Program and each one addresses a different ability that one needs to succeed at life. Mr. Benitez said that life was similar to a game. He said that if you don’t know the rules to the game, then you will not be able to play correctly, and therefore won’t be able to win. He said that the purpose of the Narconon program was to give individuals the rules and the time to practice using them that they needed so that they could get very good.