Maryland Drug Rehab Centers and Programs

Dealing with drug addiction and finding ways to get a person to let go of such a destructive habit is something that is not easy to accomplish. Finding the right Maryland drug rehab center and program for such a problem is important for the wellness of a person who is trying to kick such a habit and to do this, you will need to learn a bit about the many Maryland drug rehab centers and programs you can find. The programs that you feel will best suit your loved one when it comes to getting him or her away from such a problem may come from a rehab center near you or may come from one that can be located across the state.

There are a lot of different Maryland drug rehab centers and programs that you can choose from and these many different rehab centers can tell you what kinds of therapies they have for your loved one. The many different therapies that these Maryland drug rehab centers have include the traditional 12 step program, the dual diagnosis treatments, the drug replacement programs, the narconon program and the biophysical program. To help you understand what these programs are and what these can do for your loved one, here is a short description for each one of these possible programs you can find in Maryland drug rehab centers:

  • 12 Step Program – this is called the traditional program that is used for helping people with drug addiction problems since it has been used for decades now. The results that you can get from the 12 step program often depends on how much determination and willpower the person has when it comes to trying to overcome their addiction. In short, this kind of a program depends on the discipline a person has without getting any help for overcoming the addiction other than moral support from peers and from councilors that can listen to their woes.
  • Dual Diagnosis Program – this kind of a program is also called the co-occuring disorders program and handles the problem of mental disorders that go along with drug dependency or of drug addiction problems that are compounded by pre-existing mental problems. This kind of a program relies on medication and therapy to help a person overcome these problems and to help them determine whether the existence of a mental disorder does indeed push the person to turn to drugs or to become dependent on drugs.
  • Drug Replacement Program – some of the Maryland drug rehab centers you find may be using this program to wean their patients off of the substances that they are addicted to. This kind of a program uses medical alternatives to get a person off of certain drugs like heroin and narcotic painkillers. What doctors do when they initiate this kind of a program is that they get a person to use drugs that have a similar effect as the ones that the person is hooked on and they slowly diminish the dosage of this drug to slowly get the person off of it. This is also called a medical detox. Some people do not consider this a drug rehab program though and simply consider this as one of the steps that can be used to help wean a person away from addiction.
  • Biophysical Program – this kind of a drug rehabilitation program is actually considered as one of the more successful and innovative of the Maryland drug rehab programs you can find. This rehab program uses a number of therapies to help a person get over their addiction to drugs and this is due to the fact that this kind of a program recognizes that a person who is addicted to drugs needs to wean himself or herself off it physically and mentally. This means that this kind of a program incorporates physical detoxification with the mental and emotional therapies that a person needs to have to successfully remove their dependence on drugs.
  • Narconon Program – this is a Maryland drug rehab program that is similar to a biophysical program since this kind of a program also incorporates the physical with the mental aspects of drug rehabilitation into the program. This program has two phases with the first one starting off with a detox program that helps get rid of the drug residue that is still in your body and with lessons on how to express yourself better to help you overcome the need to cover up your emotions with the use of these drugs. The second phase involves changing how you view yourself and your self worth as well as changing how you live your life. This phase also includes after care planning that gets you the help you will need outside of the Maryland drug rehab center that you got your therapy from.

These are just a few of the different kinds of programs that you will find in the many Maryland drug rehab centers that you can find. For you to be able to determine which one is best for your loved one, you may need to ask the people at these drug rehab centers a few questions regarding their programs and what they can offer their patients. Some of the questions that most people ask of these drug rehab centers include what their success rates are, what the time frame for these programs are, what they can expect from these therapies, how much these programs cost and other similar questions.

You will need to know the answers to these questions as well before you do try to get your loved one into any of these rehab centers. Once you have all the information you need on the many drug rehab centers and programs you can find in Maryland, you can then make an educated decision as to which rehab center and what kind of program you feel will best help your loved one get over their addiction to drugs. While there are no 100% guarantees that your loved one will indeed get well with the program that you choose, knowing what these can do for a person and what therapies are being used can help you decide on the kind of program that will possibly get them off drugs permanently.