The availability and rate of drug abuse in Arkansas remain high coinciding with the smuggling of methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana, the drugs of choice, for local consumption and further distribution.Though smuggling methods involve all forms of transportation, the largest quantities of drugs are seized on the highways via interdiction programs. Each year, tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana and hundreds of kilograms of cocaine are seized on Arkansas’ interstates, particularly Interstate 40. Most large seizures involve tractor-trailers, although private vehicles account for a significant percentage of total seizures, particularly methamphetamine seizures. Significant quantities of drugs are also seized from other forms of transportation including commercial air and bus service.

Over 6000 kilograms of Marijuana was seized by the federal government in Arkansas in 2004 along with over 700 kilograms of cocaine.  There were 564 methamphetamine laboratories busted in Arkansas by DEA, state and local officials.

This represents a strong need for effective drug rehab and treatment centers in the state of Arkansas.