Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton

While many people have their eyes focused on the World Series there is one player that is just thankful to be alive to play in it.

Drugs and alcohol addiction almost destroyed Hamilton’s professional baseball career. He started it in 2001 and, with repeated suspensions, lasted well until 2005, when his grandmother Mary Holt confronted him.  With the exception of one incident in 2009, Hamilton has been clean, and is tested for drug use three times a week, a schedule he reportedly favors as it reassures those who have faith in him. At the end of the win against the New York Yankees, he celebrated by drinking ginger ale.

Outfielder John Hamilton of the Texas Rangers hasn’t been silent about his drug addiction.  He wants to make sure everyone know that there is help out there and if you reach for it you can do it.

Drug addiction treatment centers applauds Mr. Hamilton on his admission to his drug use and getting his life turned around.


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  1. Reza says:

    As an athlete myself, i know about the temptations of being a known person and the pressures it brings as i have had problems my self. I too have gotten clean and realized how much better life is without drugs!

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