Narconon of Georgia

Narconon of Georgia

It doesn’t take experts from Yale to discover what Narconon and other drug treatment centers have come to know; doctors simply don’t know enough about addiction and its treatment.  The statement could be expanded to include the fact that some doctors are actively contributing to the rising addiction problems across this country.  Prescription drug abuse overdose and deaths now rank higher than overdose from illegal drugs.   Not always, but usually, what you find at the other end of a prescription is a “prescription pad” and behind that is a doctor.  So it is logical and safe to assume that a vast number of doctors don’t understand addiction – lest they wouldn’t be contributing to it so heavily.

The medical field is advised to be a little humble before just diving into a field that others have been working successfully in years.  Statistically, in actual fact, the best results in the field of addiction are to be had by “para professionals”.  These are the guys and gals who most usually were addicted themselves, successfully overcame their problem and decided to help their fellows, by becoming sponsors and getting trained.

According to educators at Yale School of Medicine and other U.S. medical schools, doctors-to-be require a lot more training to address substance abuse than they currently receive, reported Jan. 6.

Substance use disorders are at the root of a staggering array of medical, behavioral, and social problems, said the authors. In the U.S. alone, drug and alcohol abuse caused more than 100,000 deaths and cost the country more than $300 billion annually.

“Despite the fact that the substance use is responsible for an enormous burden of disease in their patients, and evidence-based screening approaches have been developed, physicians often fail to identify and treat substance abuse routinely,” said Patrick O’Connor, M.D., chief of the Section of General Internal Medicine at Yale and lead author of the paper.


It will be with a wary eye that the field of drug treatment will watch doctors try to make their entre as “experts”.   It is a little bit like expecting Dr. Kevorkian to develop an elixir to extend life.   His history just doesn’t show that he would be very interested.

As always, Narconon and other treatment centers will keep on their path of trying to treat and prevent addiction

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