Drug education in America has had a lot of changes put in place over the years. The first form of drug education used scare tactics to try to convince kids that drugs were going to make them go crazy or lose their life. The main problem with this technique was that a lot of the information that was given to kids was not true. For instance, it was not uncommon for marijuana to be touted as a drug that would make a person go completely insane almost to the point where they were homicidal. There were many other facts that were given in drug education lectures in the early days that could later be rebuked and were proven lies. Because of this many kids took all information that they learned in these lectures and completely negated it. They then used drugs that were actually very dangerous for them as well as addictive because they felt that they could not believe any information that they had been given.

The Apathetic Approach

The next approach that became popular in drug education with the apathetic approach. This was when educators would teach kids the dangers of drugs, but also a way to use them in a manner that was supposed to be safer and less likely to kill them. This mindset was kind of based on the fact that people felt that kids are going to use drugs anyway and to prevent death the best thing to do was just give them information on how to use drugs safely.

Although this may have prevented a few people from overdosing, using drugs is not a safe or healthy thing to do. Even if an addict is using drugs in a way where they will not overdose, their life is more than likely going to be ruined anyway even if they are not dead. It was soon proven that this approach to drug education was not helping society in any way. This lead the way to the modern drug education methods that are more factual in nature and one of the most successful of these is Narconon drug education.

Narconon Drug Education

Narconon has a unique drug education program that has been proven to be very effective. Narconon has three main goals when presenting drug education lectures. They are as follows:

  • · convince students that are unsure of where they stand on drug use to not use drugs
  • · reaffirm the decision in students that have already decided that they do not want to use drugs to not use them
  • · help kids who have already started using drug to stop using them and seek treatment if they are having problems with cessation

Narconon reviews the results of drug education lectures after every one and uses the information that is collected to constantly update successful education techniques and use the ones that are the most effective. It has been found through the drug education lectures that mixing humor in with the presentations is very affective in getting kids to listen and actually take the information that is presented more seriously. Topics that are presented to kids in a humorous way are presented in way that is more on a kids level and actually gains their respect it seems. Narconon drug education representative are able to gain children’s respect and attention through humor.

Narconon drug education goes over many topics concerning drug use. Narc anon goes over the social aspects that drug addicts face. While it may seem to kids that drug use is cool, the Narconon representative actually points out how most people who use drugs are social outcasts and have a hard time getting along with their peers. It also addresses how someone who becomes a drug attic is not likely to succeed in life and is unable to gain wealth and success.

In addition, the presentation goes over how the media actually promotes drug and alcohol use through movies and television shows and how kids are actually given social messages through the media that tell them that drug and alcohol use is cool. These lectures actually help kids see through these advertisements for what they are, which helps them to ignore them.

The presentation also goes over how some kids use drugs or alcohol on a social level because it temporarily has the power to make them feel more confident in social situations. The Narconon representative goes on to explain how setting long term goal in activities where kids feel confident, such as sports or art, and then by actually achieving these goals, kids will gain real confidence and feel more comfortable with themselves in any type of situation so they will not need the artificial short term confidence that drugs or alcohol can give them.

Parents Roles

There are definite things that can be done in the home to prevent drug use in children. The parental influence that a mother or a father or even a grandparent have is a much more successful influence over children’s drug use than any other influence. Much more than schools, peers, or even the government who is even thinking of drug test for welfare (mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients) as a way to fight drug use in people who are on welfare. It has yet to be seen as to whether this technique is going to be effective or not.

As much as the government says that they are trying to fight drug use in America, they have not been all that successful; in fact drug use today is ten times worse than it ever has been in America. The real place that drug prevention has to successfully start is in the American home. Kids who spend ample amount of time with their parents every day and eat a family dinner every night are shown to be much more likely to start using drugs or alcohol and the reason for this is because they feel that their parents actually care about what happens to them and they feel that if they started using drugs or alcohol that they would run the risk of disappointing their parents and they actually care about how their parents feel.

In addition it is also shown that parents who have frequent and serious conversations about the dangers of drugs with their kids about drugs are less likely to use drugs as well. Narconon has many pamphlets of information that are very helpful with these conversations and are available to order over the phone or Internet. Please call Narconon if you have any questions or are interested in receiving information on how to talk to your children about drugs and alcohol.

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