There are many horror stories that are associated with meth addiction. Methamphetamine is what is known as a stimulant. Meth causes the user to feel an increase of energy, a decrease in hunger as well as an increased feeling of sexuality. When a person first starts using math, it usually makes them feel very energetic and good. The person may feel like they are able to accomplish more and stay focused on tasks that they set out to do. A methamphetamine high will usually last from 6 to 24 hours. If person on meth usually will feel like none of their problems bother them and they really just don’t care. The main problem with meth is that it causes its users to go without sleep and food for quite some time. Any drug that causes these reactions usually has the potential to cause alterations in the person’s thinking.

Many people on meth often become paranoid and delusional. They will often begin to hallucinate as well. There are many meth addicts who become obsessed with conspiracy theories and feel like the FBI are following them or that they are surrounded by police at all moments or that their friends are conspiring against them. People who use meth as well as sell it are often the ones that get the most paranoid. Another big problem with meth is that when the person is under the effects of it the problems that they have in life do not matter to them. However, when they come off of the drug, they often feel like all their problems are coming down around them. To avoid this feeling they continue to do more and more methamphetamine. This in turn causes them to continually go without sleep and food. As a result they will continue to become more and more paranoid and delusional. They will also continue to avoid their problems; causing them to get bigger and bigger and worse and worse.

Methamphetamine Dealers

Apparently many people get as addicted to selling methamphetamine as they do using it. Methamphetamine dealers usually make a lot of money. If they’re using methamphetamine, they often get very paranoid as well. It has become harder for people to manufacture methamphetamine in large quantities because the government has cracked down on selling the ingredients that are needed to make it in large batches. However meth users as well as meth dealers are very creative; there is now a new technique to make meth called Shake and bakes meth. This is a way of making meth in much smaller quantities. The reason that it’s called Shake and bake is because the person making it shakes all the ingredients up in a soda or sports drink bottle. This is a very dangerous thing to do, and many people have gotten burned attempting to make methamphetamine in this way. If not done correctly the contents of the bottle have the potential to explode and cause very severe burns for the person making it.

It is also harder for meth dealers who make meth this way to get caught because they can carry everything that they need to produce methamphetamine in a backpack or duffel bag. It is not like in the old days when people would make math in a large barn or trailer. There is also less risk for huge explosions to happen as a result. Also the people who eat use math and know this method of making it don’t have to give their money to a dealer or wait for someone to deliver the goods.

Meth dealers, as well as addicts, often feel that all of their problems go away when they either sell or use methamphetamine. This is simply just not true. These people are really running from problems that they do not know how to fix. That is where the Narconon program comes in.

Narconon Methamphetamine Treatment

The Narconon program is very successful in helping people overcome their meth addiction. The reason for this is because Narconon approaches addiction, not as a disease, but as a disability. This means that the person who is suffering from addiction does not have the abilities that they need to live life successfully. The way that Narconon helps a person overcome this, is by giving them the tools and resources that they need to be successful in life.

Once a person is able to take responsibility for themselves and also handle their own problems, their desire to use drugs to run away from these problems, will be greatly diminished. The person will be able to feel good by accomplishing what they set out to do and they will learn the gratification of achieving long-term goals. Narconon is a series of steps to rehabilitate the body and  life skills building courses. Below is a list of these courses:

Please call Narconon of today. A kind and understanding counselor is waiting to answer any questions you may have.

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