Marijuana Exposed

Marijuana Exposed

There are all types of myths about marijuana use; its use can cause severe psychological damage and it is highly addictive.  The truth is that marijuana use does damage brain cells and extensive use can cause emotional discomfort.   For those who use marijuana heavily and want to stop using, the withdrawal effects may include anxious thoughts and actions or paranoia.  Most who use marijuana can stop with mild withdrawal symptoms and others may need services of addiction treatment.  Marijuana use may seem less dangerous in its effects on the user compared to the harder street drugs like heroin, cocaine or alcohol abuse.  But, for a lot of addicts marijuana is considered to be a gateway to those harder drugs.

Marijuana is the most highly used drug and is harmful to one’s body; causing social and learning problems.  Getting high impairs judgment on issues like sex, or the possibility of progressing to using harder drugs.  Marijuana can be addictive.  Anything that takes the user out of reality and puts them in a place where they do not have to deal with life or its problems will become a substance abuse issue in that persons emotional and physical space.

Narconon of Lousiana provides drug education and rehabilitative services for marijuana users.  The treatment of marijuana, or anything that keeps an individual from living life to the fullest and being an active and productive member of society, are addressed in this successful drug rehab program.


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