Children and Drugs

Children and Drugs

A new report is out and the statistics are not good.  It is reported that up to 47% of children in public schools say that there is drugs within the school, either kept or sold on school grounds or used.

The 15th annual teen survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University also found that 46 percent of teens in public schools say there are gangs in their schools and 47 percent of teens say that drugs are used, kept or sold on school grounds.

With this said I believe there is hope.  The schools that have drug awareness programs are reporting less drug use or drugs being kept or sold on school grounds.  We need to keep the drug education in schools to prevent teenage drug abuse and addiction.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers offer drug education lectures at no cost to the school system.  With the continued push for education we can take out a big chunk of drug use within the schools.


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