Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs

As reflected in the following reports in a community there us an increase in prescription drug abuse among young individuals at an alarming rate.  Another point is the way they are getting this medication that they are taking and sending them straight for dependence and drug addiction; they are getting it right from their own family.

Studies of individuals older than 12 years of age living in the community reveal that in any one month some 8 percent have used illicit drugs; 6 percent have used marijuana, 2.5 percent prescribed medication, 0.7 percent cocaine and 0.2 percent heroin. However, among young adults ages 18 to 25, approximately 20 percent are using illicit drugs and 6 percent prescribed medications. This is reflected in hospital emergency room visits where in 2007 visits for abuse of pain medication were 25 percent more frequent than visits for abuse of heroin.

Where do people obtain these drugs? The majority report that they were initially given them by family or friends often in a well-intentioned attempt to relieve pain. Pain medications are very available in Pitt County with approximately 15,000 prescriptions for opioids written and a million pills dispensed every month.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers has been advocating locking up your medication, counting your medication and throwing away medication that is no longer needed.  This has to happen in order to combat this rapidly growing problem of teenage prescription drug addiction.


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