In this day and age parents don’t have to worry so much about their kids using illegal drugs as much as they did twenty years ago. Now parents have to worry about their kids using legal ones. For some, this may not seem like such a scary situation. Drugs that are legal can’t be as dangerous as the ones that are illegal right? Wrong. The way that kids are using these drugs are often in a very dangerous manner. Most of the drugs that kids use these days are prescription medications and over the counter medications as well. The problem is that the kids often do not know the proper dosage of the medications, or if they do know the dosing information they may disregard it because they feel that because they are medicines, it does not matter how much they take, they will be safe.

Pharm Parties

There is a new type of party that kids go to these days. They are called pharm parties and they are a form of Russian roulette. The tradition of these parties is that each person that attends goes to their medicine cabinet and finds as many different types of medicines that could potentially get someone high. This could range from different cold medicines, anti-depressants, to prescription pain medications and valium. The kids call gathering the medication pharming. Everyone brings all the medications that they could find and they are then dumped into a bowl or a bucket or some other vessel and mixed all together. The kids then have a large collection of random pills without labels, without directions. After the kids mix them together then everybody gets to grab a handful of a few pills. The person often has no idea what kind of pills they are taking and what kind interactions that they may have with each other. The kids then take them and have no idea what kind experience they are in for.

Some kids probably get a pretty nice buzz. Some kids probably do not get high but may feel a little sickish. There are some kids that have overdosed from doing this and have died. The fact that this practice is becoming more and more popular is very alarming and really needs to be a wake up call to parents that the youth of America needs more in the way of drug education. It is quite shocking that these kids do not have the sense to consider that what they are doing is definitely a bad idea.

Designer Drugs

There is also another danger in the way of current drug trends. In this article Narconon reviews designer drugs as well. Designer drugs are drugs that are manufactured by a chemist in a lab some where. These drugs are often made to mimic the effects of other drugs. In some cases the chemical make-up is very similar to whatever drug the designer drug is supposed to be like, in other cases the chemistry is different but the effects are similar. Designer drugs were originally created to effect people the same way other illegal drugs would. These drugs were not illegal however because their chemical make-up was different and not outlawed.

At present, there are two main different designer drugs that are receiving a lot of attention and are used by many. The first one is an herbal blend that is sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids and is supposed to cause a feeling of euphoria that is similar to the one that is brought about by marijuana. In some ways the feelings that one gets from this drug is similar when the drug is used in small amounts. However the effects that one can get are often unpredictable because the amount of the solution that is sprayed on each batch varies. Also the amount of one chemical or another that is sprayed on each batch is unpredictable as well. There have been quite a few cases of people ending up in the emergency room from using synthetic marijuana because they started hallucinating or had arrested breathing, became delusional, or felt like they were going to die. A few people did suffer from cardiac arrest and their hearts had to be restarted by a defibrillator. The doctors and the parents had no way to know what was happening unless the teen confessed to using synthetic marijuana or Spice as it is called, because the there is no drug test that tests for it that is currently on the market because the drug has been out for so long and there are so many different chemicals that are used in each batch and because no subject has ever consented to having their urine or blood studied for the drug as of yet.

The other line of designer drugs that are popular are sold as bath salts or plant food. Most of the drugs in this line mimic the effects of cocaine or methamphetamine. They are very addictive and can have horrible side effects. People have been known to stay up for days on these drugs and have delusions and hallucinations while under the influence of them. There have been quite a few cases of people staying on the drugs for months at a time and getting to the point where they are constantly delusional and experiencing hallucinations. In many of these circumstances the people have tried to quit only to find that they still suffer hallucinations even after they have been off of the drug for long periods of time.

A few of these people have contacted Narconon International or a local Narconon center and attended the program. It has been found that when the person does the Narconon New Life Detoxification program and finished it, they no longer suffered from the hallucinations. It can only be assumed that the reason that people continue to suffer hallucinations from the drugs after they stop using them is because the drug metabolites are not quickly flushed out of the system and since Narconon’s detoxification programs aim is to help the body rid itself of these toxins and metabolites that is why it helps.

Parents need to be aware of these new dangerous drugs and drug combinations so that they can give their children the correct and needed information in regards to them. The fact that many parents are unaware of what is going on explains why kids are not given the proper warnings in regard to these dangerous and sometimes lethal combinations. Something needs to be done about this problem before it turns into an epidemic.

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