Teenage AlcoholicAlcohol starts in our young children. Statistics show that a child will normally get their first drink from their own home.  Parents usually don’t lock up their alcohol because they don’t feel like they have to lock it up.  Their children would never drink their alcohol.

Problem with that theory, the kids DO drink their parents alcohol. It’s proven that most teenagers have had a drink out of their own home more than any other place.  Once they start drinking there usually is no turning back.  They continue to drink at other friends’ houses, going to parties, etc.

Make sure you know what is in your liquor cabinet. Mark your bottles if you must have them in your home. Lock them up.  Know what your child is doing, that is the only way to stop or even help your child not form an drug addiction to alcohol.

If you need help talking to your child about alcohol we can help you get the conversation started.

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